Brondell Bidet Attachment – Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Bidet Self Cleaning Nozzle

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Self-Cleaning Nozzle in Brondell Bidet Attachment

One of the standout features of the Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 bidet attachment is the self-cleaning nozzle. This feature ensures that each use is hygienic and fresh, eliminating the need for manual cleaning. The nozzle automatically rinses itself before and after every use, ensuring that it is always clean and ready for the next user. This feature makes maintenance a breeze and ensures that the bidet attachment is always in a sanitary condition.

Adjustable Water Pressure and Temperature

The Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 bidet attachment offers the user the ability to adjust the water pressure and temperature to their desired level. This feature allows for a personalized and comfortable bathroom experience. The water pressure can be easily adjusted with the control dial on the side of the attachment, and the temperature can be adjusted with the built-in thermostat.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

The Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 bidet attachment is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional toilet paper. It uses a fraction of the water compared to a standard toilet flush, and it eliminates the need for costly and wasteful toilet paper. This not only helps to conserve water but also saves money on toilet paper in the long run.

Easy to Install

The Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 bidet attachment is easy to install and can be done with just a few simple tools. The attachment fits most standard toilets and comes with everything needed for installation, including a detailed instruction manual. The attachment can be installed in minutes, and it doesn’t require any electricity or special plumbing.


The Brondell Thinline SimpleSpa SS-150 bidet attachment is an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom experience. Its sleek design, adjustable water pressure and temperature, self-cleaning nozzle, cost-effective and eco-friendly features, and 2-year limited warranty make it a top choice in the bidet market. With the Brondell Bidet Attachment, you can enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable, and more eco-friendly bathroom experience.